Our Model 6 – The complete DAF

Our Model 6 – The complete DAF

Capable of effectively treating up to 9,000 litres of wastewater per hour, the Watermark Projects Model 6 DAF unit offers a complete wastewater treatment.


Designed with our customers in mind the Model 6 comes complete with:

  • Two stage mixing for pH correction & optimisation and Coagulation & Flocculation
  • Our own design SuperSaturator for effective whitewater production (no…we don’t use whitewater pumps!)
  • 2m2 DAF Cell surface area for solids removal
  • Chain driven Scraper system for sludge removal
  • On-board Control Panel with touchscreen HMI (housed in a lockable GRP enclosure)
  • Compressor system for Sludge Transfer and Whitewater air supply
  • Neat to Liquid Polymer make-up unit (for cost effective poly dosing)
  • Feed Pump
  • Sludge Pump
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps

All mounted on a 3000mm x 4000mm galvansied skid mount!