SP2000 & SP4000

Watermark Projects offers two De-Watering solutions to help clarify your wastewater by removing sludge and unwanted sediment. Both of our models come with the option for onboard polymer dosing.

The SP2000 and the SP4000.

Dewaterer sustem map


sludge map description

THE SP2000 & THE SP4000

Watermark Projects offers two different calibres of De-Watering units.

Firstly the SP2000. The smaller of the two models, this unit offers a complete sludge dewatering package at a lower price point. While this model cannot treat as much water as our SP4000, it makes up for this in its smaller and more compact footprint, as well it's lighter weight for easier installation.

Perfect for any small to medium treatment requirements, the SP2000 is the solution to your sludge clearing, de-watering needs.

The SP4000 has a 5x greater treatment capacity when compared to our SP2000. Along side this, the SP4000 also offers a higher level of de-sludging, washing volume and pressure.

Both of our De-Watering units have the option to be fabricated with a skid mount for easier transport, installation and less site disruption. See below for all specific requirements regarding the SP2000 and SP4000.