Model 6 Dissolved Air Flotation System

The Watermark Projects Model 6 Dissolved Air Flotation unit is a compact, skid mounted system capable of treating up to 9,000 Litres per hour. The system offers the same robust structure as our other models and bespoke systems but adopts a new layout which allows us to optimise every inch of ground space required on site.

Like all of our Dissolved Air Flotation systems, the Model 6 utilises level sensors or float switches to automate the wastewater treatment process.

Once the pre-set sensor signals the feed pump, the system draws effluent directly into the on-board mixing vessels where chemical treatment, pH correction and flocculation occurs. The treated effluent then passes into the Dissolved Air Flotation cell where the automated air dissolving vessel (our own robust super saturator unit) introduces highly air saturated water to float the flocculated waste to the surface for removal by a chain driven scraper blade.

To ensure the remaining water is free from solids, it is fed under a baffle and then over a weir plate for final discharge or even further treatment.

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