Dry Powder & Liquid Polymer Make Up Units

Dry Powder & Liquid Polymer Make Up Units

Polymers are used in wastewater treatment to coagulate suspended solids, producing groups (known as flocs) of solid material which allows for the removal and easier treatment of the wastewater.

The Watermark Projects Dry Powder & Liquid Polymer Make Up Units produce a controlled and automated mix which increases the efficiency of the treatment system as well as removing the need for manual batch mixing. With our new balance system the unit can automatically produce the required polymer make up, controlling the ratio of water and polymer automatically. This improves the effectiveness of the dosed polymer and reduces the wastage.

Both our Model 6 & Model 20 Dissolved Air Flotation units include a modified version of our Polymer Mixing unit ensuring the system performs to it’s optimum effeciency.

Model 6 DAF system

Model 20 DAF system