FREE Site Assessment

Wastewater is an unfortunate bi-product of almost all manufacturing processes and dealing with it isn’t exactly straight forward.

Here at Watermark Projects we work very closely with all our customers, from vastly varying industries, to find the most cost saving and effective wastewater treatment system , which in turn generally offers huge, year on year savings.

Every manufacturing process will produce varying amounts of contaminants which will require removal before being released from site. With this being, in most instances, a complicated issue, many companies simply treat their water to a level their local water authority requires and therefore incur the charge set to discharge it at that level.

Due to the varying current discharge demands and the varying contaminants produced in their many forms, we are fully aware that there is no generic treatment system from which everyone can benefit. However, with this in mind we have developed our free site assessment service which allows you to benefit from an initial site survey from one of our highly qualified water process engineers to identify which treatment process will be the most efficient and cost effective for your wastewater needs, giving you the ability to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Again, this is completely free of charge, there is no obligation and it starts with a simple site visit. To arrange your assessment, contact our Waste Water Treatment Team.