About Us

Watermark Projects, a division of the W.A Cooke & Sons Engineering group, work with companies to reduce the financial and operational cost of their wastewater treatment. We help identify the best wastewater treatment process for the site specific effluent and provide assistance on moving forward – this could be by providing a proposal for the manufacture & installation of a full system or just some simple feedback on how to improve the current process.

On average our customers achieve annual reductions of up to 50% on operational & discharge costs as well as ensuring trade effluent discharge consent is achieved month on month.

To find out if you could benefit from improving your current wastewater treatment process, contact the Watermark Projects team today to arrange a free, no obligation site visit which includes a wastewater sample analysis, feasibility study & return on investment report – Contact us!

About W.A Cooke & Sons

W.A Cooke & Sons a long established, family run engineering group specialising in all forms of steel fabrication and site erection particularly supplying the municipal wastewater treatment industry, which involves working closely with many of the UK’s leading water authorities and main contractors. Our head office is based in Manchester and includes a 17,500 sq ft fabrication shop, we also have a 22,000 sq ft site in Cambridgeshire and our installation service is available nationwide. 

W.A Cooke & Sons are both ISO:9001 & CE accredited and carry out all of our work to the highest, quality managed standard.

Services include:


The decision to create the Watermark Projects division was made to allow our team of waste water treatment engineers to focus their efforts on providing a complete package for our industrial clients on an individual basis. To this end all our customers now have the peace of mind that from start to finish everything associated with their project will be handled professionally within the W.A.Cooke group of companies.