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A leading UK DAF producer and supplier, we work with companies to reduce the financial and operational cost of their wastewater treatment utilising an array of effluent treatment products and solutions. We help identify the best wastewater treatment process for the site specific effluent and provide assistance on moving forward using our own products and solutions. All of our products are fabricated in-house and come with the option for delivery, installation and servicing. We also offer a FREE site visit to best identify your ideal solution.



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From complete wastewater treatment plants to first line of defence screens. We offer a wide range of products that target all aspects of your wastewater treatment process.

Our mission is to create a turn-key solution for your wastewater related issues.

We also offer FREE site visits from our Watermark Projects engineers to discover the best solution for your effluent related issues.

See our products listed here:



Our products are designed to reduce and Remove Chemical Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids and Fats, Oils & Greases.

These contaminants have 3 main impacts:

  • Higher operational costs from blockages and site disruption.
  • Fines and penalties can be issued to companies with too high of a discharge of these pollutants by local water authorities.
  • Natural and manmade waterways are damaged lessening their long term sustainability.

The Watermark Projects DAF range can offer our industrial clients removal rates of up to:

80% of chemical oxygen demand (COD)

98% of total suspended solids (TSS)

99% of fats oils and greases (FOG)



At the forefront of the Watermark Projects product range are our Dissolved Air Flotation systems which are designed and manufactured in-house.

The Watermark Projects DAF systems are designed to offer a complete wastewater treatment solution with on board chemical mixing vessels, dilute polymer make-up system, complete PLC control panel, pH control and level controllers for automatic operation.

Products Include:



July Monthly Roundup

1 August 2022

July is a wrap. We’ve completed a number of projects across our 3 divisions this month.. The Group has achieved the certification of ISO:14001 meaning we can now display that we manage our environmental impacts ensuring we operate responsibly. A huge milestone for the company. We have now achieved the full Integrated Management Systems, integrating …

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ISO:14001 Certified

21 July 2022

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certification. A huge achievement for the Group and a lot of hard work paid off. We now have: – ISO: 9001– ISO: 14001– ISO: 45001 Completing our Integrated Management Systems achievement. Thankyou to Mark Barker, our H&S consultant for helping us …

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June Monthly Roundup

30 June 2022

What a month! The WA Cooke Group has enjoyed a fruitful month full of completed projects, new hires and continued growth.. All 3 divisions got together for our annual bowls day which saw a full day of bowls, pizzas and the odd drink.. it was a fantastic day. Our Engineers division took on a new …

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Working with the Dairy Industry to Reduce Wastewater Output

29 June 2022

Introduction Dairy manufacturers are the companies responsible for packing our fridges with the dairy products we all use in every day life. Naturally, as consumers we only see the final product, that staple milk bottle. But there is so much more going on behind the white curtain. The dairy manufacturing process can be a messy …

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Hiring – Electrical/ Installation/ Service Engineer

9 June 2022

The WA Cooke Group Watermark division is currently recruiting an electrical/installation/service engineer. Responsibilities include assembly, installation and servicing our products and parts we make in house. Mainly installing/servicing parts within the water and wastewater industry. How to Apply On our Website (please input ‘electrical engineer role’ under ‘subject’): https://www.watermarkprojects.co.uk/contact-us/ What we’re looking for Motivated Ability …

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May Monthly Roundup

31 May 2022

May is Almost Complete… It’s been a great month for The WA Cooke Group as all 3 divisions saw projects completed. From the Group side we saw a brand new hire at our works in Manchester, Krystal Burke has joined us as an Office Administrator and will be helping our front of house team with …

May Monthly Roundup Read More »

Working with Bakeries to Reduce Their Wastewater Output

17 May 2022

Introduction Today is #WorldBakingDay, so lets talk about wastewater within the bakery industry and how we can help reduce it… For modern bakeries, wastewater is a touchy subject. An unavoidable consequence for creating the confectionaries that we all love. Behind the counter, is an ongoing effort to reduce the wastewater created by the manufacturing process …

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ChemUK 2022 Complete

16 May 2022

Thankyou to All Who Visited our Stand at the CHEMUKEXPO – It was Great to Speak to You all. If you didn’t manage to catch us at our exhibit, feel free to get in touch with us regarding any information on our products, solutions or any wastewater treatment related advice. Ranging from first line of defence systems …

ChemUK 2022 Complete Read More »

April Monthly Roundup

3 May 2022

April Singing Off! Another month, another successful roundup… From the Group, we’ve just hit 1,000 followers on our LinkedIn! A momentous milestone for us. Really goes to show the support we’ve collected over the last 12 months. CHEMUK 2022 will host our Watermark Projects exhibition where we will be showing off some of our capabilities …

April Monthly Roundup Read More »

Our Site Services Division

25 April 2022

The WA Cooke Group is made up of 3 divisions: Watermark Projects Engineers Site Services Our Site Services Division is responsible for a multitude of services, one of these is carrying out the delivery, installation and commissioning of our Watermark Projects equipment and machinery. But what makes the Site Services Division valuable to the WA …

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Watermark Projects at Chem UK 2022

19 April 2022

Meet us in person on the 11th and the 12th of May at stand F36 at the NEC Birmingham. We will be showing off our newest capabilities from our Watermark Projects division including our products, solutions and insight. We will also be there to give advice regarding any wastewater related queries. Our Chem UK page: …

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DAF Model 6 VS DAF Model 10

7 April 2022

Unsure which model is right for you? Lets clear up the differences… 🔵 Model 6 🔵 Key info: Treats up to 10,000 litres per hour Approx. 4M (W) x 3M (L) x 2.5M (H) Skid mounted Fabricated in T304 Stainless steel Scheduled servicing available Specifications: 2 m2 DAF cell (T304 stainless steel) 2 stage variable mixing vessels …

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March Monthly Roundup

4 April 2022

The video below showcases our month of February: Including work from all 3 of our Divisions. Engineers comes in first with a best of Photos From The Shop Floor, showcasing various fabrications from both of our sites in Manchester and Ely. Next up Site Services, showing off some of their work from a refurbishment of …

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UK Water Wants to Half Sewage Leaks by 2050

18 March 2022

Water companies across England have today announced their aim to significantly reduce leakages by 2050. At the 22nd Annual Leakage Conference in Birmingham. A brand-new leakage routemap will be released detailing how UK water companies aim to reduce leakage 3-fold by 2030 and half by 2050. The 346,455 km routemap will provide a framework for …

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February Monthly Roundup

1 March 2022

The video below showcases our month of February: Including work from all 3 of our Divisions. From our Engineers division; a brief tour of our two workshops in Manchester and Cambridgeshire and the best of our Photos From The Shop Floor from February. Site Services shows off a loading, delivery and installation job completed for …

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January Monthly Roundup

2 February 2022

The video below showcases our month of January: Including work from all 3 of our Divisions. Engineers kicks the month off with new welding curtains sporting Engineers red. Site Services displays some spectacular photos in the best of ‘Snapshots From Site’ for January. Watermark Projects shows off its new ‘Scheduled Servicing’ service designed to help …

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UK Government Gathers Slack for Sewage Situation

9 November 2021

Uproar has ensued with government MP’s voting in favour of continuing to allow water companies to dump their sewage in public waterways. Hashtags like, ‘Tory Sewage party’ and ‘sewage scandal’ have begun trending across the UK as Britons disagree with their governments’ decision to continue allowing large scale sewage unloading. Although the UK government has …

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Flexible. Bespoke. Treatment.

4 November 2021

Looking for a more flexible option for your wastewater treatment system? Look no further, than our Bespoke DAF. As we’re sure you know, our Watermark Projects team design and fabricate a range of skid mounted DAF units, built to treat and clarify contaminated wastewater. But did you know we also fabricate fully Bespoke DAF units that can process up …

Flexible. Bespoke. Treatment. Read More »

Client Achieves Local Discharge Consent

2 November 2021

At the beginning of 2021, The WA Cooke Group – Watermark Projects alongside Landia UK Ltd, helped a poultry producer in South Wales to achieve local discharge consent. This was done by combining Watermark DAF technology with a Landia aeration mixer. These components alongside a balance tank, were able to effectively treat the client’s effluent water to a …

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Severe UK Wastewater Restrictions are Coming

27 October 2021

The UK Government is Set to Severely Increase Effluent Treatment Restrictions. In 2020, raw effluent was released over 400,000 times into natural waterways. To mitigate this, the UK government had a vote earlier this week to seriously restrict the amount of untreated effluent that can be released by municipal and industrial wastewater sites. The first …

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