What We Do

Watermark Projects, a division of the WA Cooke group, work with companies to reduce the financial and operational cost of their wastewater treatment. We help identify the best wastewater treatment process for the site specific effluent and provide assistance on moving forward...


At the forefront of the Watermark Projects product range are our Dissolved Air Flotation systems which are designed and manufactured in-house.

The Watermark Projects DAF systems are designed to offer a complete wastewater treatment solution with on board chemical mixing vessels, dilute polymer make-up system, complete PLC control panel, pH control and level controllers for automatic operation.

daf 20 circular cutout


The Watermark Projects DAF range can offer our industrial clients removal rates of up to:

80% of chemical oxygen demand (COD)

98% of total suspended solids (TSS)

99% of fats oils and greases (FOG)

Removal Rates


Every site is different. The wastewater will vary and so will the solution. This is why we'll undertake a lab analysis of your wastewater to indentify the most effective treatment solution for your waste.

This analysis will allow us to determine achievable removal rates with contaminants such as COD, Suspended Solids, FatsOils & Greases as well as pH correction.

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A Word From One Of Our Clients

“We have been very impressed at your team’s ability and the quality of their engineering skills. You have a good team of engineers, hard-working and the teamwork we saw was 2nd to none.
These are major plant works, and they just work together and get the job completed and learn from things they have seen and create solutions.”

- Auditor