Water Restoration Fund

From 11th December 2023, for those who pollute the environment, the initial £250,000 fine limit has been scrapped and is now unlimited. Since 2015 the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued over £147 million in wastewater fines for pollution incidents.

On the 9th of April 2024, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced that up to £11 million from these fines and penalties from local water authorities would be taken and reinvested into a WRF (Water Restoration Fund). The amount taken from each authority is set to be the same amount invested back into each area. This £11 million was accumulated by each of the water authorities as below:

  • Anglian Water: £3,085,000  
  • South West Water: £2,150,000  
  • Thames Water: £3,334,000  
  • United Utilities: £800,000  
  • Yorkshire Water: £1,600,750

The Water Restoration Fund will provide competitive grant funding to support local groups, farmers, landowners, and community-led initiatives. These grants aim to enhance their abilities to implement on-the-ground projects dedicated to enhancing the water environment. Such endeavours may involve actions to boost biodiversity and enhance community access to blue and green spaces, particularly in regions where water companies have faced fines or penalties.

Applications for the WRF are open till 7th June 2024 and are subject to terms and conditions. More information can be found at:


With recent changes to how wastewater discharge fines are applied, many companies within the industrial sector are in a position of receiving a fine for failing their discharge consent.

Watermark Projects work with companies, within the industrial sector, to design & implement effective on-site wastewater treatment solutions. With our range of wastewater treatment systems, including Dissolved Air Flotation, Pre-Screening, Chemical Treatment & pH Correction, we can aid with the removal of a wide variety of pollutants such as COD, FOG, TSS (and more) prior to discharge.

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