Watermark Projects – Supporting Every Step

Watermark Projects provide our clients with a comprehensive wastewater treatment service from initial specification through to installation & ongoing support.

Wastewater Treatment Steps

Step 1 – Initial Site Visit

To determine the complete requirement and discuss various treatment options with the customer we’ll always undertake an initial site visit. While on site we’ll also take a sample of the wastewater for analsysis (Step 2!).

Step 2 – Effluent Sample Analaysis

A sample of the site specific wastewater is taken to be analysed. This includes the testing of various chemical treatment methods to determine which is the most effective. The samples are then sent for external Lab analsysis to identify the potential removal rates with contmainants such as COD, Suspended Solids & Fats, Oils and Greases.

Step 3 – Design and Specification

With the information gained from Steps 1 & 2, our team will design a suitable treatment system. This could be from a simple 1 stage process such as pH Correction through to a complete Effluent Treatment Plant consisting of Balanced Aeration Tanks, Pre-Screening, Dissolved Air Flotation & Sludge Dewatering.

Step 4 – Proposal & Review

The design is then sent to the customer including a proposal for the supply & installation works. This will then be reviewed with the client to ensure this meets their requirement. This stage can also include various design revisions and project planning.

Step 5 – InHouse Manufacture

As we’re part of The WA Cooke Group (a nationwide engineering company), we’re able to manufacture all of our systems in-house including the fabrciation of our Pre-Screens, Dissolved Air Flotation Systems and Sludge Dewatering Units. We also work with a list of approved suppliers for supporting equipment such as Balance Tanks, Pumps and Instrumentation.

Step 6 – Install & Commission

Our team of skilled Engineers carry out all of our on site installation work. This includes mechanical fitting & electrical installation as well as the commissioning of the complete system.

Finally, our team is then available to support with any ongoing requirements such as chemical supply, maintenance & technical assistance.