Before getting started with our treatment solutions and products. We highly recommend our FREE effluent sample analysis service to better determine how best to tackle your wastewater issues. Our free service is designed to determine what condition your effluent is in, as well as how best we can treat it.

Speak to a member of our Watermark Projects team. Discuss your current requirements, any future projects you might be planning or even just to get advice. This could regard anything from consent breaches to billing and planning. 

Entailing our effluent sample analysis / Free site visit are the following 3 steps:


With every new customer we think the best first step is a site visit from one of our Project Engineers. This allows us to meet you face to face, get a feel for the site and take a sample of your wastewater for analysis.


During our visit we will take a sample to analyse your effluent. This is to determine our achievable removal rates of your CODTSS & FOG as well for pH Correction where necessary.


We're now in a position to provide a proposal for your site. Proposals can range from a completely new system to modifications of existing ones. The aim at all times being optimisation.

While the majority of our systems and products are manufactured in-house, proposals can also include 3rd party supplied parts such as balance & sludge holding tanks, De-watering and even Tertiary systems. 

How do we test your effluent sample?

Watermark Projects Jar Test
Untreated vs Treated Wastewater Sample
Untreated vs Treated Wastewater Sample
Treated Wastewater Sample