Pre-Screening offers an affordable and reliable solution to primary water treatment, Watermark Projects has its own range of in-house fabricated stainless steel rotary pre-screening to help clarify your effluent.

Watermarks Projects - pre-screening

Pre-Screening is the first line of defence against gross solids. Able to filter out sediment through a rotary mesh screen, our pre-screening systems can separate contaminants from your effluent water, helping to reduce site disruption and avoid high fines from wastewater regulators.

Our Pre-Screening Products:

  • Can load up to 35,000 litres per hour
  • Option for base tank or high level mount

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  • Can load up to 65,000 litres per hour
  • Option for base tank or high level mount

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Not sure if the Pre-Screen system is right for your effluent? Contact the Watermark Projects team today to arrange a free, no obligation site visit which includes a wastewater sample analysis, feasibility study & return on investment report.


Our rotary drum pre-screens aim to remove solids from effluent water. This process begins when the wastewater enters the horizontal cylinder where the durable mesh screen is found. This screen is in effect, a cylindrical drum screen that can rotate at varied speeds, filtering solids at a controlled rate. 

Solids filtered out by the screen will enter a separate outlet leading into a sediment collection point. The clarified water will then carry on through the tank, and is pumped out into further treatment systems where necessary.


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