Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

The Watermark Projects DAF Model 20 is the largest complete treatment system in our range of skid mounted DAF systems. It has a capacity of 40,000 litres per hour. 

WMP DAF Model 20 delivery


Like all of our DAF models, we are able to transport our systems from our site to yours. All of our DAF units are delivered on a HIAB and come complete with peripheral equipment. This includes; feed pumps, a magnetic flow meter and level sensors to name a few.

Take a look at this recent installation we fulfilled for one of our clients:


Thanks to it’s compact design, the Model 20 boasts an outstanding capacity and ancillary functions with minimal footprint.

  • 10,000 x 2,560 (mm sq.)
  • Approx. 2,800 h. (mm)
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The 10m x 2.6m skid houses all of the various components and ancillary parts as well as the interconnecting pipework. This is fitted prior to installation to minimise time on-site.

Like our other DAF models, the Model 20 uses level sensors or float switches to automate the wastewater treatment process.

Also included are:

  • On-board mixing vessels
  • Automated air dissolving vessel
  • Chain driven scraper blade
  • Baffle & weir plating    



Speak to a member of the Watermark Projects team. Discuss your current requirements, any future projects you might be planning or even to get advice on consent breaches, billing or planning.


With every new customer we think the best first step is a site visit from one of our project engineers. This allows us to meet you face-to-face and start a good working relationship, get a feel for the site itself and take a sample of your wastewater for analysis.


Every site is different. The wastewater is different, the consent is different and therefore the solution will be different. This is why we'll undertake a lab analysis of your wastewater to identify the most effective treatment solution for your waste.

This analysis also allows us to determine achievable removal rates with contaminants such as COD, TSS and FOG as well as pH correction.


Thanks to the previous key steps, we're now in a position to provide a proposal to for a suitable, cost effective and efficient solution for your site. Proposals can range from a complete new system through to modifications to the existing plant for optimisation.

While we manufacture the vast majority of our systems in-house, proposals can also include 3rd party supplied parts such as the balance & sludge holding tanks as well as potential tertiary systems.