Dissolved Air Flotation

Watermark Projects offer a range of products and services but our expertise lies in our Dissolved Air Flotation systems which are designed and manufactured in-house.

As well as our bespoke DAF systems, which can handle flow rates up to 150,000 Litres per hour (and can be paired with other units for increased flow rates) the Watermark Projects team have developed our range of skid mounted units, specifically designed to accommodate flow rates from 3,000 to 30,000 Litres of wastewater per hour with varying solids loadings up to 3,000 mg/L, offering reductions of up to 80% in COD and over 98% in suspended solids.

The skid mount houses all of the components that make up the complete system including access steel, mixing vessels, control panel, DAF treatment cell and polymer dosing system as well as allowing for easy lifting, installation & maintenance.

All of our DAF units are manufactured in T304 stainless steel and incorporate the highest quality instrumentation.

Not sure if the DAF system is right for your effluent? Contact the Watermark Projects team today to arrange a free, no obligation site visit which includes a wastewater sample analysis, feasibility study & return on investment report – Contact us!

Watermark DAF Systems:

How does the Dissolved Air Flotation process work?

The Dissolved Air Flotation system provides the energy for effective flotation in the form of extremely fine air bubbles, also known as ‘White Water’, These minute air bubbles readily attach themselves to the suspended material within the waste stream. This attachment of bubbles to the particle reduces the density of the particle resulting in increased buoyancy. All the solids present within the DAF cell float to the surface forming a solid scum which can then easily be removed by a simple but effective scraper mechanism.

This treatment process is specifically designed for the efficient removal of suspended solids, fats oils and greases from process or wastewater streams. Discharges of extremely high clarity will be generated offering massive cost savings and trouble free discharges to sewer or watercourse. More often than not chemical conditioning is used to increase the effectiveness of the dissolved air flotation process. Coagulation and Flocculation chemicals are generally added in direct proportion to the incoming flow thus optimising the process.

The Watermark Dissolved Air Flotation process uses the most reliable and positive method of producing air bubbles of the optimum size. This is done by dissolving air into water under pressure then dropping the pressure on entry to the DAF cell using a controlled nozzle orifice. As the pressure is reduced, the air naturally comes out of solution in the form of micro bubbles.

  • Bespoke

    As part of a larger engineering group Watermark Projects are able to offer completely bespoke Dissolved Air Flotation systems. These units can be specifically designed to include additional pre/post treatment, work alongside existing systems and to accommodate space restricted sites.

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  • Model 6

    The Watermark Projects Model 6 Dissolved Air Flotation unit is a compact, skid mounted system capable of effectively treating up to 9,000 Litres of wastewater per hour.

    The Model 6 is also available for trial & feasibility studies.

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  • Model 20

    The Watermark Projects team developed the Model 20 DAF unit to offer a complete system to suit a range of industries. The Model 20 is capable of effectively treating up to 30,000 Litres of wastewater per hour and is completely skid mounted.


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