Watermark Projects specialise in wastewater treatment & trade effluent treatment. We work with companies to implement effective on-site wastewater treatment. With the correct on-site treatment system, companies can benefit from huge reductions in operational and discharge costs, significantly reduce their environmental impact and ensure they achieve consent set by local water authorities. 

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The Watermark Projects Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are designed to offer a complete wastewater treatment solution with on board chemical mixing vessels, dilute polymer make-up system, complete PLC control panel, pH control and level controllers for automatic operation.

Manufactured to remove and reduce: COD, FOG & TSS.

These products range from our skid mounted DAF systems, the Model 6, 10 and 20, up to the off skid bespoke range of higher capacity DAFs.

All of our DAF units are available for Trial, Rental or outright purchase.

The Watermark Projects pre screens are designed and fabricated to filter out Gross Solids and overall sediment within your effluent. Acting as the first line of defence, pre screens can offer a crucial element of your wastewater treatment procedure.

These products include the MIDI screen to the MAXI screen that process up to 65,000 litres per hour (subject to situation).

Both of our Pre Screen models are available for rental and outright purchase.

The Watermark Projects De-Watering systems are perfect for separating sludge from water. With the option for skid mounting and access steel, this unit offers a flexible and turn-key solution to your wastewater treatment needs.

These products include the SP2000 to the SP4000, processing up to 70kg of sludge per hour or 5,000 litres per hour of wet sludge.

Our DeWatering systems are available on Rental or outright purchase. 

For the effective treatment of wastewater, Watermark Projects are able to supply various Coagulants and Polymers as well as both Acid & Caustic neutralisation chemicals.

Associated products include Polymer Makeup units, dosing tanks and pumps.

We offers a FREE site visit where one of our Watermark Projects engineers will look at your site / effluent. We take a sample of your effluent back to our lab and see what kind of removal we can get from your wastewater.

An effective and cost free method of cost reduction analysis before getting going with our treatment products and solutions. We highly recommend this service.