We have now developed our Wastewater Treatment Trial Equipment service which allows our clients to test the efficiency and feasibility of our Dissolved Air Flotation systems.

Capable of effectively treating from 1 to 40,000 Litres of waste water p/h

Trailer mounted option for easy access & transportation

4m x 2m footprint means hassle free installation at your site

What Do Our Trial DAF Units Do?

Waste Water Treatment

Our design team have produced a scaled down, trailer mounted DAF unit capable of effectively treating over 3,000 Litres of waste water per hour. We aslo offer trial versions of our Model 6, 10 & 20 (up to 40,000 per unit) and beyond.

Transportation & Installation

The fact that the unit is trailer mounted (4m x 2m) allows for hassle free transportation and installation to almost any site. As for our other models, while they require more space, this process is just as straight forward.

So Why Trial?

The combination of these portable DAF units allows our clients to see first hand how effective this system is and also creates a very easy transition when replacing an existing system.

Our trial DAF, model 6, 10 and 20 DAF units are available for trial. After the trial there is also the option to RENT

To discuss this or any of our other services, please contact us.

Trial (3,000) DAF On Site

Trial DAF