What Are Total Suspended Solids?

How Can Total Suspended Solids Affect You?

TSS Removal Solutions

What are Total Suspended Solids?

Total Suspended Solids or TSS , simply put, are particles larger than 2 microns that are suspended in a body of water. The solids can range from inorganic material such as silt and sand to organic material like plankton and algae. If left untreated, TSS can collect at the bottom of water body creating sediment like grit.

WMP TSS Graphic

How Can Total Suspended Solids Affect You?

A high level of TSS can create blockages causing site disruption and consequent costs to remove.

A higher than normal quantity of TSS can occur for many reasons. Most wastewater bodies will contain some amount of TSS however the solids may vary depending on the site they are located within, For example abattoirs are known for having a high TSS rate.

TSS Removal Solutions

Effluent water containing more than 1,900 mg/l breaches regulation (average from 30 company's effluent consent cap). To avoid fines accompanied with this limit our Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) range can reduce TSS rates up to 98%. Additionally for smaller quantities of TSS, Watermark Projects can supply pre screens and other wastewater management products.

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Find below a small scale representation of how we can treat your wastewater: