1. Our Model 6 – The complete DAF

    Capable of effectively treating up to 9,000 litres of wastewater per hour, the Watermark Projects Model 6 DAF unit offers a complete wastewater treatment. via GIPHY Designed with our customers in mind the Model 6… Read more
  2. DAF Treatment Removal Rates

    Following the installation of a Watermark Projects Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) wastewater treatment system (roughly a year ago), a recent customer was kind enough to share their reduction rates with us. Over a 12 month… Read more
  3. Model 6 DAF System

    Another Watermark Projects Model 6 DAF System being loaded for delivery to site. This unit is on it’s way to a processing site for a 12 month rental. The Watermark Projects Model 6 Dissolved Air… Read more
  4. It’s all about the bubbles

    Watermark Projects entire range of Dissolved Air Flotation Systems utilise our own design Whitewater System. It’s this design which ensures the most effective production and introduction of whitewater into the DAF cell resulting in maximum… Read more
  5. Watermark Projects: Trial DAF Systems

    Due to the success of our trailer mounted trial DAF system, the Watermark Projects team have now expanded our trial options to include our skid mounted Model 6 DAF system. These units include polymer dosing… Read more
  6. Model 6 Dissolved Air Flotation system

    Everyone who we’ve worked with knows how passionate we are about our wastewater treatment systems. Check out this video on our Model 6 Dissolved Air Flotation system to see why.   … Read more
  7. The cost of Wastewater Treatment 2018

    When companies look into implementing an on-site treatment system for their wastewater, inevitably the first question is, “How much will it cost?” The second question, which doesn’t seem to be asked quite as often is, “How… Read more
  8. Charity Bowling Event – Gardeners Arms

    Gardeners Bowling Club – 12 Hour Charity Bowling Marathon! The Gardeners Bowling Club will be holding their annual charity bowling marathon at the Gardeners Arms in Atherton on Saturday 4th of August and will run from 8am… Read more
  9. FoodEx 2018 – Thanks for visiting!

    The Watermark Projects team would like to thank everyone who visited us at the FoodEx 2018 exhibition. The show was a great opportunity to showcase our range of Dissolved Air Flotation systems and meet some… Read more
  10. FoodEx 2018

    For the 3rd year running Watermark Projects will be exhibiting at the FoodEx 2018 trade show.  The Watermark Projects team will be available to discuss your trade effluent issues such as consent failings, environmental impact and… Read more