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Can Dissolved Air Flotation Technology Benefit You?

Recognised as a highly effective method of COD (chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) & FOG (fats oils & greases) removal, the DAF process is utilised in a wide range of industries from food production through to plastic recycling and paper manufacturing.

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Wastewater Treatment & Solutions

Wastewater treatment is a vital process in reducing water pollution and contamination. Through implementing more wastewater treatment methods, we can drastically slash the amount of wastewater that enters our waterways. Helping to ensure water sustainability for our future.

DAF innovation

Dissolved Air Flotation Innovation

11 years of R&D to date has made our Dissolved Air Flotation units (DAF) a flagship product within the Wastewater Treatment industry. Our DAF models offer an effective and reliable solution to any and all sized businesses seeking to clarify their wastewater.

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Make UK Awards Shortlist 2021

Watermark Projects has been nominated for two awards; The Innovation award for our development and implementation of a skid mount as part of our DAF product range, and the Energy and Sustainability award for the DAF's effluent treatment and water clarification.

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