Flexible. Bespoke. Treatment.

Looking for a more flexible option for your wastewater treatment system? Look no further, than our Bespoke DAF.

As we’re sure you know, our Watermark Projects team design and fabricate a range of skid mounted DAF units, built to treat and clarify contaminated wastewater.

But did you know we also fabricate fully Bespoke DAF units that can process up to 200,000 of wastewater per hour? These DAF systems are fully tailorable to your requirements. This includes both footprint and the quantity of effluent being treated.

If you require more than 200,000 litres per hour of treatability, our team can fabricate and install an unlimited number of DAFs to run in tandem. Effectively able to treat as much effluent as you can throw at us.

The benefits of using our DAFs are substantial:

✅ Prevent & mitigate local water authority fines
✅ Promote a sustainable practise for your business
✅ Reduce site disruption
✅ Reduce discharge costs
✅ Prevent shutdowns from local water authorities

For more information, visit: https://lnkd.in/dqh4ifgc

Get in touch here: info@watermarkprojects.co.uk

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