UK Government Gathers Slack for Sewage Situation

Uproar has ensued with government MP’s voting in favour of continuing to allow water companies to dump their sewage in public waterways.

Hashtags like, ‘Tory Sewage party’ and ‘sewage scandal’ have begun trending across the UK as Britons disagree with their governments’ decision to continue allowing large scale sewage unloading.

Although the UK government has made the decision to continue as they have done in recent years, turning a blind eye to sewage levels in their waterways. Pressure from the UK population and parties in favour of the change like Labour and the Liberal Democrats will continue to grow as the problem intensifies.

There is a strong chance this situation could incentivise voters to place their trust away from the Tories in future elections meaning a change in sewage dumping legislation.

“We have to make sure that we apply lots of heat to water companies to make sure they put in the investment into curing the problem … and make sure the Environment Agency and Ofwat do use their teeth against these companies.” – Neil Parish MP

But what does this mean for you? Well for now, not a whole lot. However, with growing pressures we could see major changes in sewage and general effluent discharge laws meaning higher fines, more wastewater samples taken and massive site disruption for any company discharging too high a level of TSS, FOG and or COD.

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