UK Water Wants to Half Sewage Leaks by 2050

Water companies across England have today announced their aim to significantly reduce leakages by 2050.

At the 22nd Annual Leakage Conference in Birmingham. A brand-new leakage routemap will be released detailing how UK water companies aim to reduce leakage 3-fold by 2030 and half by 2050.

The 346,455 km routemap will provide a framework for companies to aid in the triple rate reduction of sewage leakages. Actions for UK water companies to follow include the following:

  • Improved quantification of background levels of leakage
  • Improved quantification of customer side leakage
  • Development of a sector-wide code of practice on how to lay mains pipes without leaks
  • Development of a strategy to tackle customer supply pipe leakage

It was recently published that annual leakages are at an all time low due to major investment, knowledge sharing and innovations within the industry.

However, stated in a report by Water UK, 1,245 Olympic swimming pools of wastewater is still leaked every day in England and Wales. Whilst we can appreciate the reductions happening as of recent, it is still evident that further reductions are paramount for the sustainability of our waterways both natural and manmade.

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